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Wedding Anniversary #2

Imagine being greeted by this sight after a long and insanely crappy day at work!

It’s immature and so very silly, and it brought the biggest smile to my face. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the bizarre image of a ragged teddy bear and a tiny dog with a ridiculous bow, playing Texas Poker on the iPhone. Kinda like Toy Story come to life!

Today is our second wedding anniversary. I am so thankful for my husband, who makes me laugh all the time, especially when I’m having a bad day. I neither need nor want flowers or expensive presents or declarations of unending love which are, in my opinion, frivolous and meaningless. I much prefer the hearty laughs and the sweet little gestures that never fail to brighten up my day.

A wise friend once told me, “Marriage is really, really hard work, but it’s the best thing ever!“, and she’s spot on. I constantly remind myself not to take him for granted, and to remember just how incredibly lucky I am that he’s in my life. I feel so blessed, and I know that whatever life throws at us, we will face it together.




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Me vs URTI

I’m back! Well, I was back from our vacation awhile ago. It was our first trip to Hong Kong and we had such a great time. The food and shopping there is incredible! I can’t wait to go back again, it really is a foodie and shopaholic haven.

When I came back though, I was immediately down with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, and I was in bed for 2 whole weeks! My fever had reached 38.5°C, the highest I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t breathe because my nose was alternating between blocked and runny, and I couldn’t speak or swallow because my throat was coughed raw. Simple things like eating and drinking water were torturous, and to be honest I was scared stiff for awhile there because my fever simple wouldn’t subside. Just when I felt like things couldn’t get any worse, I was on 2 courses of antibiotics (when the first course didn’t work, the doctor switched to a stronger one), both of which caused diarrhea and had me running to the toilet more than five times a day, every single day (I am NOT exaggerating)!

After my fever started subsiding, my poor husband became really ill. I guess his immune system was continually being attacked by my germs and had finally lost the war. He started having high fever and it was my turn to take care of him, however sick I was. Looking back, I wonder how we would have coped if we were BOTH really ill at the same time!

Enough of TMI stuff. I’m finally back at work, still coughing and sniffing, but slowly recovering. HELLO AIR, I CAN BREATHE YOU PROPERLY AGAIN! The little things we take for granted. My lovely friends on MMF have given me plenty of tips and they’ve also recommended a neti pot, so I’m looking to buy that soon. I am so thankful for the MMF ladies, for I wouldn’t have recovered so quickly if not for their help. What a wealth of information and experiences these women have!

Work is extremely insane, with me clocking 8.30am to 11pm some days. After sitting at a computer all day, the last thing I want to do when I get home is to turn on my computer! I have been too tired to even watch TV, much less blog. So, no promises.

Take care, and stay healthy!



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My Husband, The Macho He-Man

I have done absolutely nothing this weekend, except play nurse to my husband, who is down with high fever for the past 2 days.

Men are such whiny babies when they are sick! The Macho He-Man has refused to let me take his temperature, so I don’t know how high the fever has gone up to. I am trying to monitor it but he is making it so difficult.

All the eye-rolling aside, I am worried. He is constantly dozing off but is unable to sleep for long periods of time, waking up whenever his body switches between hot and cold. One minute, he would be shivering under the many layers of comforter, and the next minute, he would kick them all off and complain that the bedsheets were too hot.

Did I mention The Macho He-Man is also adamant about not seeing a doctor? *face palm* I am up at weird hours of the night, replacing his cold compress. In the day, I’m busy with other wifely duties – reminding him to eat his medicine, making sure he has plenty of cold water by the bedside, buying food for him, airing out the bedding, ensuring his feet are covered to warm up his icicle toes, remembering to laugh at his lame, unfunny jokes…

I am exhausted! I may pout and feel sorry for myself (a lot!) when I’m sick, but I’ve never been such a pain to look after (I think)… 😛 If his fever still persists tomorrow, I will have to drag him, kicking and screaming, to the doctor. That’ll be fun, I’m sure.

I hope everyone had a better weekend than I did!



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Dear Friends,

It does seem like I have abandoned my blog, with my last post dating over 3 months ago.

I think I owe whatever readers I have left an explanation as to why I had suddenly disappeared off the face of the blogosphere.

Shortly after my last post, my husband was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. He had been feeling unwell for a long time, and getting him to agree to see a doctor was like battling a stubborn ox. Ever since then, he hasn’t been doing well and his condition has been deteriorating much quicker than we’d expected. We are absolutely terrified.

About a month after finding out about the Diabetes, I went for a medical checkup and was diagnosed with an Endocrine Disorder. Although Hyperthyroidism is a fairly common thing in today’s stressful world, it was still a bombshell that I was ill prepared to deal with.

I feel like I have gone through a whole range of emotions – disbelief, anger, denial, bitterness and resignation. I have to be strong and calm for my husband, and he has to put aside his own fear to support and comfort me. Needless to say, we are both exhausted, physically and mentally. There are days when all I want to do is curl up in my bed and pretend like everything is fine.

As newlyweds, we were dealt with one bad card after another, and it just kept getting from bad to worse. It was as if The Powers That Be were bored and decided to entertain themselves at our expense.

2011 has been an excruciating year for my family, and I wish I have better things to blog about right now, but I don’t. This will be my last post for the year, and I will return in January 2012, hopefully refreshed and armed with a more positive outlook towards life and everything it has to offer.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope you have a blessed Christmas, and a wonderful New Year 🙂



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And the reason is you…

Spaghetti tossed in garlic butter and olive oil,
blanched asparagus, chicken in black pepper sauce,
2 sunny-side up eggs and parmesan cheese to sprinkle.

I woke up, rubbed my eyes groggily, and was greeted by this bento.

It took me a few minutes to register what was in front of me. Now, I’m not a morning person. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m just about the most cranky person in the world when I’m robbed of my sleep. I need at least a solid 8 hours of sleep every night in order to function as a decent human being the next day.

I squealed with delight and almost burst into tears, which scared the living shit out of my hubby. Seeing the amount of effort he took to make the eggs just perfect, and cut them out into a heart shape… I was absolutely speechless. I love bentos and he’s seen me pouring over bento blogs in the weekends, marvelling at other people’s creativity, and drooling over their lunches. Well, he gave me my very own special bento!

Times like these, I feel like the luckiest girl on earth.



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