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Credit: Photos by Enchanted Leaves

After reading Ki’s review of Enchanted Leaves, I was curious and decided to browse the etsy shop to see what other stuff they had, as animal jewellery isn’t really my thing.

Holy crap!!! I really want this. I really, REALLY want this.

It’s called Seeker’s Quest! Oh man, a golden snitch!!! How cool is the name?!

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, I know. In fact, this is not exactly an intricate or fancy piece of jewellery. However, Harry Potter fans will understand why I squealed in excitement when I first saw this.

No prizes for guessing which Harry Potter book this is! 😛

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. HUGE. No, not the movies. Those are fake fans.

The books are just so wonderfully thought out, and I am still spotting new things in the books when I go back to re-read them. They are amazingly complex for a kiddy book series, and I love how the author, J.K. Rowling changed the way the book is written, as if to suit her readers who literally grew up with Harry Potter. The first book was written for someone between the ages of 7-11, probably, and the last book was definitely adult material.

I’m very happy to have stumbled upon this necklace, because it’s timely. I recently saw the heart-wrenching trailer for the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. I was filled with so much emotion that I almost wept right there and then in the cinema. Knowing what was to come and how the movie will end, it suddenly hit me at that point that there would be no more Harry Potter movies or books to look forward to anymore. This is it. 😦

Words cannot express how I feel. Thanks Ki. I just sent an email hoping the owner would make me a pair of Golden Snitch dangly earrings for my birthday. I’m a one necklace kinda girl, and I don’t ever take off the diamond necklace that was given to me for my 21st birthday. I’m obsessed with dangly earrings and this will make a good I-love-me-so-much present!




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