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After spending hours on the wallpaper and header, I think I’m done tweaking it. The graphics are a mish-mesh of various images I found online, and all the credit goes to Forever Friends for inspiring the sudden splash of creativity in me. 

It was so difficult to place the little stars individually and have them look… random. And they are freaking tiny omggg. Argh working on it nearly drove me insane, and staring at the monitor for hours made my eyes all teary.

Navigating around WordPress is driving me a little batty. I’m so used to the interface of my personal blog and this one is very different. Oh well, I’m diving right in. Will figure it out as I go along.

Note: I created the wallpaper for my huge wide-screen monitor. If your monitor isn’t at least 20″, you won’t see the peek-a-boo cuteness:



Considering the fact that I’m not a professional graphic designer, I am so damn proud of what I’ve come up with!




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