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What it is:

Roll On Perfume.

What it claims:

According to the Epically Epic Soap (EES) etsy store,

This has been one of my most popular scents in soaps and lotions. I’m told it smells like lychee and fresh flowers. It is difficult to describe the scent of the South Asian lychee fruit, but once you try it you will never forget its sweet, delicate, dewy fragrance.

Roll a little perfume on your pulse points, like wrists, inner elbows, and the nape of the neck. Keep one in your purse, your car, or your desk drawer and re-apply as often as you like – the scent will never be overpowering like some perfume sprays are, and the 7ml roller bottle lasts for ages!


What is noteworthy:

Allison, the owner, explained that,

Perfume oil goes on at skin temperature to blend with your natural scent. It is more subtle than alcohol-based perfumes, and will actually smell a little different on each individual. I use light, quick-absorbing sweet almond oil and jojoba as the carrier oils for the fragrance.

My impressions:

I was introduced to EES by fellow MMFer Cait, who had posted photos of her haul and raved about how amazing the solid lotions were. The thing that piqued my interest immediately was the packaging. The products were packaged so beautifully, and you could tell that a lot of effort went into the design of the labels. I really appreciate this from an indie company, and I want to own something that invokes happiness whenever I look at it. I’m a sucker for packaging and it wasn’t long before I had my cart filled and ready to go.

For those who don’t know or have never heard of it, the lychee is a fruit that is immensely popular in Asia. Its glossy, succulent and juicy white flesh has a very distinctive fragrance that is crisp, sweet and fresh.

The I Love Lychee perfume is absolutely divine. It is very fruity, and smells exactly like a fresh lychee. The scent is reminiscent of the extremely popular but now discontinued The Body Shop perfume oil in Fuzzy Peach. 

I do smell some subtle fresh floral notes in there, but it’s mainly just an amazingly sweet and fruity fragrance that may be overwhelming for some, but I love it to death! I have been using the perfume non-stop since I’ve gotten it – while I’m at home, at work, and I’ve also been dabbing some onto my pillow before I go to sleep at night, just so I can smell it as I drift off.

I feel like I want to swim in a bathtub of I Love Lychee and smell like this forever. Best. Scent. Ever.


0.25 oz or 7 ml


USD $8.50


Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Fragrance, Vitamin E.

After reading so many reviews of Allison’s amazing customer service, I was somewhat disappointed. Firstly, she had a special going whereby customers could get a free perfume sample with any purchase. In our convos, she had offered to send me a rose perfume sample, but it was not included in my package. I did convo her to inform her of the oversight, and she had apologised for forgetting about it. The free perfume sample is now on its way to me.

Additionally, it would have been nice to have more communication. After I ordered, she had convoed me to let me know that she’d already received my order, and the communication ceased after that. Usually, other etsy sellers would convo me to let me know that my order had shipped, but there was no word from her. I didn’t know if she was making my stuff from scratch, or if it had been shipped. It was only a week later when I was about to convo her, that I’d realised that in her past convos, her signature included a line about checking the etsy invoice.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a really nice person and my package was shipped out quickly. It’s just that, after reading about how Allison’s customer service was comparable to Silk Naturals’, I had expected more. To be fair though, I remember reading somewhere that she was in the midst of moving, so she was probably quite busy at that time.

Nevertheless, I will definitely order from Allison again, and I plan on buying up all her I Love Lychee products. I want to smell like I Love Lychee all the damn time!



Disclosure: This product was not given to me by the brand for review purposes.


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