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What it is:

Bad Landing nail polish

What it claims:

According to the China Glaze website,

Our unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish.


What is noteworthy:

They claim that,

All China Glaze colours are free of DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Toulene and added Formaldehyde.

I copied and pasted that sentence word for word from their website. I think this phrase was crafted in such a way that it’s misleading and vague. What does ‘added Formaldehyde’ mean? It’s either the polish contains Formaldehyde, or it doesn’t. I also find it pretty pathetic that they spelt Toluene wrongly. Really makes you wonder, eh?

My impressions:

Before I get to the nail polish, man is the China Glaze (CG) website a pain in the ass! It contains barely any information whatsoever, it doesn’t describe the colours, and the little swatch is ridiculously inaccurate. There is no excuse for an established company like CG to have such a lousy website.

The main reason I love CG polishes is because application is a breeze. The brush is just the right size, and the polish coats the whole nail nicely without leaving any streaks. It also helps that CG polishes come in a variety of stunning colours, and there usually is a surprise as the colours always seem to have another dimension to them.

Bad Landing initially intrigued me because of the hot pink shimmer, and I think this is what makes it so hip. It isn’t boring at all, noooo way, and would suit ladies of all ages. The one thing to note though, is that Bad Landing is a very cool colour, and would probably not look as good on ladies with warm tones in their skin.


14 ml or 0.47 oz


Since the website was absolutely no help at all, I had to do a quick search in Google and it seemed like the price of this polish ranged from USD $3.70 – $8.00.

Generally, I don’t like reds and they just aren’t my thing. For some reason, red does not suit my skin colour and I always end up looking absolutely ghastly in whatever red item I wear, be it a sweater or nail polish, or even lip stick. I tend to go for vampy colours rather than the classic red. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised that it looked terrible on me. That being said, I absolutely love the nail polish, and couldn’t stop staring at my nails whenever I was out in the sun. The sunlight really emphasised the pink shimmer, and it occurred to me that this would make a gorgeous lip gloss!




Disclosure: This product was not given to me by the brand for review purposes.

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