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Credit: Photos by Enchanted Leaves

After reading Ki’s review of Enchanted Leaves, I was curious and decided to browse the etsy shop to see what other stuff they had, as animal jewellery isn’t really my thing.

Holy crap!!! I really want this. I really, REALLY want this.

It’s called Seeker’s Quest! Oh man, a golden snitch!!! How cool is the name?!

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, I know. In fact, this is not exactly an intricate or fancy piece of jewellery. However, Harry Potter fans will understand why I squealed in excitement when I first saw this.

No prizes for guessing which Harry Potter book this is! 😛

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. HUGE. No, not the movies. Those are fake fans.

The books are just so wonderfully thought out, and I am still spotting new things in the books when I go back to re-read them. They are amazingly complex for a kiddy book series, and I love how the author, J.K. Rowling changed the way the book is written, as if to suit her readers who literally grew up with Harry Potter. The first book was written for someone between the ages of 7-11, probably, and the last book was definitely adult material.

I’m very happy to have stumbled upon this necklace, because it’s timely. I recently saw the heart-wrenching trailer for the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. I was filled with so much emotion that I almost wept right there and then in the cinema. Knowing what was to come and how the movie will end, it suddenly hit me at that point that there would be no more Harry Potter movies or books to look forward to anymore. This is it. 😦

Words cannot express how I feel. Thanks Ki. I just sent an email hoping the owner would make me a pair of Golden Snitch dangly earrings for my birthday. I’m a one necklace kinda girl, and I don’t ever take off the diamond necklace that was given to me for my 21st birthday. I’m obsessed with dangly earrings and this will make a good I-love-me-so-much present!




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The Legendary Unicorn

A symbol of grace and purity, the unicorn has long been my favourite mythical creature. Ever since I was young, I’d loved reading about this magnificent beast. I had marvelled at its beauty, and revered its strength. As I grew older, I started to do a lot of research on the unicorn. Did you know that the unicorn is one of the few mythical creatures not associated with fear and violence?

I’d not only been collecting all kinds of unicorn figurines, images and graphics, but my fascination had spilled into the gaming world. If a game featured the unicorn, I had to own one.

Its place in culture and history is unrivalled, and it is no wonder that the unicorn has remained as one of the most revered mythical creatures of all time.


Note: The images seen here were not drawn by me (sadly, I was born without a creative bone in my body). I had saved these years ago from one of the email forwards circulating the web, and they weren’t credited to the artists. If you know where these were from, please drop me a note. Thanks!



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Credit: Photo by Softandscrubby


30 pack of Make-Up Removing Pads


According to Softandscrubby’s etsy site:

Use with your favorite cleanser, or toner. Use with witch hazel for a natural cleanser. Place in a mesh bag and launder with your regular laundry.


These were made from 100% cotton flannel, the same kind of fabric used for your ultra soft and snuggly pyjamas.


You know how when you open your mailbox and rip open that package, the products don’t usually turn out as nice in real life as they were depicted in the photos? No such problems here. In fact, the cotton rounds surprised me with how vibrant and pretty they were! I think I did a little *squee* when I saw such cuteness.

These are soft to touch, and so luxurious on my face. I’ve washed them over and over again for the past year, and they are still going strong. The fabric still hasn’t shrunk, nor did the designs fade.

The owner, Sheila, was really wonderful to work with. She answered my convos quickly, and her prices were extremely reasonable. Shipping was super fast as well and everything was packaged properly. Most importantly, the stuff that were in my hands looked exactly like they did in the photos, if not nicer.

One thing to note though, is that I do not use these for removing makeup. What, dirty these adorable things?! I absolutely refused to stain them with the remnants of my waterproof mascara, dark-coloured eyeshadow or hot pink blush, noooo way. Therefore, I only use these to apply toner.

After wiping down my face and neck with toner, I throw these into a little mesh bag, and dump the mesh bag into the washing machine on laundry day. When the load is done, I shake up the mesh bag a bit to separate the rounds and hang the entire mesh bag up to dry. Easy-peasy!


2.25 inches or 5.72cm


USD $10 for 30 pieces, or USD $0.33 per piece

Have you ever stopped to think how many pieces of disposable cotton thingys you use in a day? In the past, I used 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening for toner, and 1 to remove my waterproof mascara. That was 3 pieces in a day, and 21 pieces in a week. I am now using the disposable rounds only for days when I’m wearing waterproof mascara, as I remove non-waterproof mascara with my fingers and some cleansing oil. I’ve reduced the usage of the disposable rounds to less than 7 pieces a week.

Isn’t there enough rubbish in the world already? Why fill up the landfills with disposable cotton rounds when you can use these and save the earth?

I would definitely buy from Sheila again, though I doubt it’ll be anytime soon, because these are so durable that I’m beginning to think it’ll be years before I’ll need to replace them!




Disclosure: This product was not given to me by the brand for review purposes.

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Awwwwww!!!! I don’t care if it’s childish, I love it.

At first, my eyes almost popped out when I first saw that. I mean, who in the right frame of mind would go to all that trouble! Look at the sheer amount of detail! The bow, the whiskers… sheesh!

Then I read on and realised that anyone could do it… with the right equipment, and a shitload of patience!


Epicute: Hello Kitty Sushi When someone puts so much work into an edible tribute, it’s touching really. You’ve got to REALLY love Hello Kitty to devise a plan of attack for such elaborate sushi rolls. And to think, poor kitty will be eaten up so fast! … Read More

via Must Have Cute – Cute Kawaii Stuff

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Book lovers will absolutely adore this amazing piece of artwork. How incredibly creative! This is pure genius.

Saphira (Eragon), The Stinky Cheeseman, Harry Potter, Matthius (Redwall), Winnie the Pooh, The Last Unicorn & Butterfly, Dorothy & Toto (The Wizard of Oz), Alice & White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland), Willy Wonka & Oompa Loompa (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), The Three Terrible Trins, The One Ring (LOTR), Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web), Dragonriders of Pern

The amount of detail is mind-blowing… those are REAL covers! I spent a long time scrutinising it and had fun recognising all the books. It brought back a lot of memories.

I love the message the artist was trying to convey. There is nothing more I’d rather do in the world than to lose myself in a good book, and step into the author’s world where the characters spring to life. I can spend hours with my nose in the book, and forget about everything else.

p/s: Did you spot the Harry Potter books on the first bookcase, 2nd shelf from the bottom?



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After spending hours on the wallpaper and header, I think I’m done tweaking it. The graphics are a mish-mesh of various images I found online, and all the credit goes to Forever Friends for inspiring the sudden splash of creativity in me. 

It was so difficult to place the little stars individually and have them look… random. And they are freaking tiny omggg. Argh working on it nearly drove me insane, and staring at the monitor for hours made my eyes all teary.

Navigating around WordPress is driving me a little batty. I’m so used to the interface of my personal blog and this one is very different. Oh well, I’m diving right in. Will figure it out as I go along.

Note: I created the wallpaper for my huge wide-screen monitor. If your monitor isn’t at least 20″, you won’t see the peek-a-boo cuteness:



Considering the fact that I’m not a professional graphic designer, I am so damn proud of what I’ve come up with!



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