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Festive Nails

Beware the claw! RAWRRRR! (And ignore the dry hands!)

I’ve never bothered with matching my nails to the festive season, or with my clothes or anything else for that matter. I was too lazy, and lacked the creativity or time to come up with something decent.

This Christmas however, I received a gorgeous bottle of glitter from Cait, my Secret Santa from the forum I’m active in. I took one look at the pretty glitter and knew I had to use it for this festive period!

I am besotted with it! It looks so happy and snowy and festive, yet simple and elegant. Best first self-done amateur manicure, ever!

P/S: I am not going to state which polishes I’ve used… yet. That shall be left for another day when I review the polishes individually. Yes, I’m such a tease! 😛

ETA [5 Feb 2012]: The base colour is Zoya Ginessa.




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