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Abbamart’s Service Recovery

Following my recent post about Abbamart no longer shipping to Singapore, they have emailed me to apologise and offer an explanation on why they had to stop shipping to Singapore. Unfortunately, it was not due to shipping costs, which was what I’d originally thought. 

I felt so ashamed to discover that there have been cases of fraud originating from Singapore, which resulted in them having to suspend shipping.

After this incident, I am utterly blown away by the level of customer service at Abbamart. That they took the time to reach out to me and apologise for something that is not their fault whatsoever is just extraordinary! On top of that, in view of my long-time patronage and to thank me for being a trustworthy customer, they have offered me alternatives to ensure that I will receive my packages if I do intend to make any purchases during the time that shipping is suspended.

Once again, Abbamart has shown that making their customers happy is their top priority. I am very impressed and to be honest, so relieved that I have even more reasons to continue shopping there. I adore their Toray brushes and would hate to stop buying from Abbamart.

To the culprits who caused this – you are assholes, cowards and no better than thieves. You are a disgrace and I am ashamed to call you a fellow Singaporean. Your actions have given your country a bad name, and affected not only the company and their staff, but also me, my friends and other customers of Abbamart. May karma bite you squarely in the genitals!




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I’ve just returned from a short vacation, where I had no access to the internet whatsoever. I felt like I had been completely isolated from the modern (and virtual) world, which is both a good and bad thing. I wasn’t even able to access the wifi in Starbucks; I guess the place was too secluded!

Anyway, after checking my email when I got back, I received some bad news from Abbamart:

Abbamart had to make some hard decisions, and we are not shipping to Singapore at this time.

WHATTTTTTT! Was this even announced anywhere? There is nothing on the info page or Facebook about this. I don’t understand the reason at all, and I am not happy about this. Singapore isn’t some third world country where packages get lost all the time. Besides, WE are the ones paying for shipping, not them – it is well within their right to retract the free international shipping offer.

I’m not sure if I ought to bother trying to get my American friends to help me with future Abbamart purchases. This is one very upset ex-customer here. 😦


[Edited 17 May 2012: Abbamart has contacted me to apologise, and they explained that shipping had to be suspended due to cases of fraud originating from Singapore.]



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Abbamart – Flat Top Powder Brush

What it is:

A brush typically used for mineral foundation.

What it claims:

On the Abbamart website, the flat top is described as,

Blunt cut powder brush made from soft and dense high quality goat hair. Works well with mineral makeup to build foundation in sheer layers from light to heavier application where necessary. Flat top buffs away lines and seamlessly blends edges.

What is noteworthy:

The Abbamart brushes are extremely reasonably priced, as they explain on their website,

Because Abbamart is owned by its supplier, you get true factory-direct pricing, just like the high-end brand names that buy and resell brushes under their own label.

My impressions:

I have always loved synthetic brushes, and the synthetic (or Toray, as they call it) brushes offered by Abbamart are incredibly soft and of good quality. As the flat top brush did not have a Toray version, I decided to grab this goat hair flat top on a whim when it was on sale a few months back. 

As far as first impressions go, I was nicely surprised. Many companies simply slip the brushes into a plastic sleeve and do not bother with a box. The brush is well-made and a good size. The natural wood handle is sturdy and its finish is sleek and smooth.

I don’t use foundation so I can’t comment on how well the flat top buffs. I do use it for stippling and overall concealing, and I find that the brush is decent. The goat hair picks up powder and holds it in its bristles quite securely, so I didn’t have to deal with fallout on my clothes.

Unfortunately, I did not like the goat hair fibres at all. It was spiky (or pokey?) and scratchy, a far cry from the wonderful Toray brushes I’m so used to. The brush was easy to wash, but once dry, the bristles flared out and I was left with what looked like a mini feather duster.

I am hoping that Abbamart releases a Toray version of the flat top. I really love their ever-expanding Toray range, but I will not try their (or anyone else’s) natural hair brushes again.

Note: I do apologise for the terrible photos. The lighting is all funky and I can’t seem to fix the colour imbalance.


Hair length – 2.1 cm

Total length – 10 cm


USD $4.20 (I paid $3.60)

Abbamart is one of my favourite companies. Their customer service is fantastic, and Lana, whom I’ve corresponded with a few times via email, is really helpful and quick with replies. Their turn around time is fast and international shipping rates are very reasonable. They are also generous and I always receive a couple of extra items tucked into my package. Every shopping experience with them is a delight!



Disclosure: This product was not given to me by the brand for review purposes.

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